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why e-newsletters work

E-newsletters have to be one of the most effective and affordable marketing communications available to any business but are something that can often be overlooked and undervalued. It might be obvious but they offer a really easy way to communicate with existing customers, but many businesses focus their marketing on attracting new customers, forgetting that actually the bread and butter of their profits comes from existing customers.

Did you know?

• Attracting a new customer will cost your business 5 times more than keeping an existing customer.

• Just a 5% increase from existing customers can increase your profitability by 75%.

• 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers.

These facts provide a compelling case for the importance of using an e-newsletter to communicate with your existing customers. So in this edition of our own newsletter we outline 5 of the key reasons why you should consider sending out your own regular e-newsletter too.

E-newsletters are a cost efficient and effective way of communicating with customers. Thre are many e-newsletter tools such as Mail Chimp available to use and we know from the work that we do with many of our clients, they are one of the best ways of generating sales.

You can track the results. Many of the e-newsletter tools will let you know who has opened your communication and give you strong leads as to which customers are interested in particular products and as a result might be about to buy from you.

You will get a higher response rate to your e-newsletter and over time this will build as customers start to expect and look forward to your regular communications.

It is an opportunity to interact and speak with your customers and as you are sending out to your database you can make your customers feel special by sending them offers exclusive to them and make them feel valued and special customers.

Your e-newsletter will compliment other marketing activity and particularly can drive traffic to your website and also generate immediate sales.

We hope you agree with us that these are very convincing reasons to make sure that you have and use your own e-newsletter. But perhaps you are thinking this is all very well but I have tried to do them before and found them time consuming, or you don’t know what to say in them or feel that you aren’t communicating in a way that engages with your customers.

This is where Bright Light Marketing can help, we can research content, write your copy and make sure your newsletter is eye catching with headers that draw people in, we can manage and update your data for you and send you reports outlining who has read them. Our job is to make your life easier and to make sure that your existing customers look forward to receiving regular communications from you and quite simply we encourage them to buy from you more often.

We can manage and deliver your e-newsletters from as little as £150 month. For more information email Fiona Mackinnon on or give us a call on 01750 505052.


The art of communication

Generally as a nation we are not very good at blowing our own trumpet and get embarrassed in promoting ourselves and ultimately asking people to spend their hard earned money with us. And of course how to get your message out effectively is easier said than done as marketing communication can be a real minefield.

We are here to help, follow this link to read more


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Advert placed - job done. Think again.

It’s certainly not enough to place an expensive advert or put an offer on the website and sit back and wait for customers to come in these days.

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...they brought enthusiasm and professionalism to the project...     Iain Easingwood, Marine Quest and Secretary of Berwickshire Dive Tourism Association